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Writing about the things I do clears my head and it might fill yours! This also serves as a ‘public documentation’ for me.

This is still very new to me so don’t expect very frequent updates.


Proper server naming conventions
·809 words·4 mins
Setting a hostname is not too difficult. Making the convention is. But actually it is not if you know what to look for.
Obtian TLS-certificates for sub-domains running on diffrent machines with OpenBSD, RelayD and acme-client
·632 words·3 mins
Using multiple domains behind the same IP can be challenging when you want to request a LetsEncrypt certificate on a diffrent host.
Setting up OpenBSD (home) DHCP with dynamic DNS updates and split DNS
·2158 words·11 mins
In-house DNS with proper resolving with split zones does not come naturally. Here I explain how I do this.